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NTI Happenings - Issue 2 - September/October 2002

This newsletter comes to you because you have subscribed, you are someone who has made, or makes a difference in our lives, or because it's been forwarded to you by someone who values your relationship with him or her. Enjoy!

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Photograph of Sam and Sheila Finkelstein
On the Move

Greetings from
Sam and Sheila Finkelstein

Many exciting things continue to happen in the S& S "Playground." In October we set up a "shop" with Cafe Press (see story below) and our biggest news, as many of you know, is that we will be moving to Boynton Beach in December. This will put us much closer to our children and grandchildren who live in Florida and Georgia. In addition to the joy of family, we are looking forward to many new business opportunities with connections that our son Rob is setting up for me with associates of his in southeast Florida.

After 37 years in our beautiful, spacious home that is backed by woods, this is a major leap. It is, of course, providing great opportunities for clearing and completions. An ironic twist has been the required replacement of the glass in doors leading out onto our deck from our kitchen. For several years now, I had been sitting at the kitchen table looking out onto our beautiful woods through fogged up glass. Somewhere along the line the seal had broken and moisture had gotten between the panes. Despite that, I would enjoy observing the flowers in our window boxes and watching goldfinch and other small birds feeding in our special feeders.

It never seriously occurred to us to change the glass, but it now became necessary as part of getting a Certificate of Occupancy to sell our house. Wow! What a world of clarity and beauty has opened up to us. The views are magical and crystal clear. What visual joy and enrichment we have available during the next two months.

Of course, this now has us wondering, where else in our lives are we viewing situations and scenes through "fogged windows?" What could we replace? What would open up? How about you?

Bimonthly Questions:
In our last issue we asked you to share about the images in your environment that you most appreciate. Thank all of you who did write to us.

A response we especially enjoyed, was sent to us from Helene Mazur..."some of my favorite images are on the canal when the air is cold and the water is warm and fog steams out of the water." Don't you wish you could simply run down and walk with her. Helene did send me some photos? Check them out for yourself, see Helene's Photos on our site.

This issue's question results from another recent experience of ours. - Can you recall a time when you acknowledged someone for the difference he or she made for you and the "magic" that resulted? If you would like to share it with us on a page of Readers' Stories, please e-mail Sheila.

Our Answer:

wisteria basket, swiss chard, white eggplant, purple eggplant, okra

About a month ago, I realized it would be a "nice idea" to send, in appreciation, a set of our popular Garden Chair note cards to Edith Chevalier in whose garden I had taken the photo a year and a half ago. July 4, 2001 was the one an only time we had met. In the interim, we've sold the Garden Chair image in note cards, plaques (large and small), as well as in large and small prints.

Edith was ecstatic when she received the cards and called us immediately. Since last summer the chair had mysteriously disappeared from her garden. It had been, given to her by a dear friend, who is no longer alive. Coincidentally, the cards came just about the time of the friend's birth date.garden chair

During our phone conversation, I invited Sam and me over to take more garden pictures and wound up with this month's featured "New and updated Site links" - a new page of Vegetable pictures, mostly from the Chevalier's Summer Kitchen and Garden. Edith and Bob visited us yesterday and got some gifts with the new art.

As Edith looked and named all the vegetables in the different images, she also told us she had made the basket, in the above picture, from Wisteria branches. A warm and loving person, graced by her husband Bob, Edith has many other talents. She's a quilter, "baker" of natural breads and cakes, avid gardener, great historian and, obviously, a wonderful friend.

She left here yesterday with a huge bag filled with my clothes and under garments, some of which are over 40 years old, including my wedding gown. What fun, clearing out old clothes became, partnering with Edith. We saved a couple of "retro" dresses for my granddaughter, including a wool suit I made 45 years ago that's still in perfect condition! Fabric from most of what Edith took will somehow be preserved in her wonderful quilts.

How further enriched our lives have become out of initiating a simple, "Thank you. This is how you've impacted our lives and business." It's also a great lesson for us in the power of "giving and receiving."

So back to the original question - Is there a story you have to tell of a time you've acknowledged someone? Or, perhaps there is someone you would like to acknowledge now, simply for the pleasure of it.

tomatoes and green beans
grapes, broccoli, mushrooms

New Products - T-shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Tiles and lots more- Once again, I acknowledge Rebecca Collins, my designer/friend, www.artpaw.com,(pet lovers take note) who set up our first web pages. She remains an ongoing support for me and is always introducing new ideas. "You have to think out of the box, Sheila," she says regularly. For months she'd been "encouraging me" to open up a "store" with Cafe Press. I finally "gave in" and am thrilled. Isn't that always the way?

We have already ordered at least one each of the above, so we could preview the products before passing on opportunities for purchase to you. We're very pleased with the quality and I am especially excited with the 4.25" X 4.25" coaster tiles. We're enjoying using them for mini-hot plates, as well as table art. Our October/November SPECIAL incentive is set for you to experience them also. Save $2 on each tile, through November 30th. Tiles = $8.50 6.50 each.

All ordering and fulfillment is done directly through Cafe Press. Information is on our pages at Nature Art at Cafe Press Shops. We would very much appreciate your e-mailing us with a list of the images you would like to see and in which products. There is NO OBLIGATION for you to purchase. We want to see what our market wants.

Ordering for note cards, prints and plaques is still done by using the Order Form or clicking on individual images at www.naturesplayground.com. Please e-mail us,

lavender calla lily

EXTENDED - Early Summer Special, into late Fall. (Please use Summer Special order forms.)
Because we are focussing on our move, we are not spending time right now wholesaling our art. We are therefore continuing to offer you, our valued friends and customers, special prices on plaques and note cards - $10 to $15 off the retail prices of our photo/drawing images, mounted on 3/8 inch lightweight fibreboard. Color-protected, coated, washable and water resistant, they are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms. All photo/drawings can be ordered in this format. For children's rooms, check out Zoo Animals on the IMAGES page.
Special Prices: 5 X 7 plaques = $25 $15 and 7.5 X 10 inch plaques = -$40 $25

Stock up Now for special occasion gifts and holiday shopping. For Online credit card orders go to Plaque Summer Special - Credit Card or to the BUY IT buttons.

To order by mail, go to
Summer Special - Mail Order. Note, these are the only links for this special, so bookmark the pages or save this newsletter. We're offering a money-back, satisfaction guarantee on the plaques. To return, you simply pay the shipping costs.

Extra Special on Note Cards so that you can experience our fast-expanding line of images. On orders through November 30th, we will give all readers of this newsletter our special customers' prices of $3 each, for 6 or more cards, with an added bonus for everyone - $2.50 each for 25 or more cards. The normal break point for this price is 50 or more cards. To order go to Summer Special - Mail or e-mail us at sales@naturesplayground.com.

Upcoming Florida wetlands walk Florida Images
Please let us know if there are any Northern Images you would like to have us capture before we leave New Jersey.

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We appreciate your sharing in this second newsletter with us and look forward to your feedback. Sheila and Sam Finkelstein

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