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ice cream banana tree in American Orchid Society Gardens

blood bananas and blood banana pod

red bromeliad

blood banana pod

yellow orange hibiscus

bird of paradise outside West Palm Beach Convention Center

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The Tropical Images above, and other images on this site, are on Framed Tiles, Boxes, Pillows and other products
in the Nature Art Gift Shop

Nature's Playground's unique artist-created photo/drawings express my love affair with the beauty of Nature.

Each image is a photograph enhanced with my pen and ink drawing to make Nature even more vivid. These one-of-a-kind creations will transform your home and work spaces.

You’re sure to feel more relaxed, more creative, more at peace every time at these images. Bring the exquisite
beauty of Nature into your personal world today. Visit Nature's Playground Gift Shop.

You can also experience Photography that Will Inspire Your Creativity and Inner Peace in the FREE bi-weekly Photo E-zine, Treasure Your Life Now. Subscribe here now. Artist Statement...

Sheila Finkelstein, Artist, Photographer, CoachNature's Playground reflects my belief that the world is a playground for personal growth and development;

that natural environments: gardens, woods, beaches, rivers, streams - are sources for pleasure, creativity, play and self-discovery.

Looking at Nature expands your sensory awareness and enhances your ability to think, create and appreciate life more deeply. Dive in and enjoy.

Sheila Finkelstein, Artist, Photographer, Coach



ice cream banana tree

"Banana Sky"
(in American Orchid Society Gardens)

for additional photo/drawings from Florida

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