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Fantasy Landscapes Seascapes -
Original Watercolor Paintings in Note Cards

5" X 7" Suitable for Framing
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fantasy landscape5
fantasy landscape2
fantasy landscape1
fantasy landscape3
#NTI 001
#NTI 002
#NTI 003
#NTI 004

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"I first started 'playing' with Nature and Art while fulfilling my Master's Degree in Creative Arts Education at Rutger's University. Using pieces of wood, stone, shells, sponges, and other natural objects, collected in the woods and on beach walks, I started holding these "treasures" in one hand, drawing with the other. I created them as places and 'beings' in fantasy environments, then added watercolor to enhance the 'worlds.'

Today I use my eye and camera to 'collect' and to provide the color, and I continue to 'play' in the seeing and the drawing. Thank you for the privilege of sharing a little of my world with you. It would give me great pleasure to learn that, out of the experience of these pages, you start 'seeing' more in your worlds. Please feel free to write and let me know how these images have stirred your imagination."

Sheila Finkelstein
Artist, Photographer, Coach

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