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purple calla lily photo drawing


"The calla lily is exquisite.
Your work is just beautiful




"I really liked your photo/art. When I look at something like that, it makes me feel that there is a lot to life that most of us don't usually bother to recognize exists...I've been a little sad lately, but your work lifted my mood. Thank you for showing me the beauty that exists. " Denise McCool

"Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and your gorgeous works. . . .Certainly, you need exposure and the world needs your beauty, vision and talent." SSL

"..You are an inspiration--your positive outlook , the way you see the world and share that vision with others through your artistic creativity, and energy....and your generosity of spirit..." Judith Schwab

I love the additions to your site. Fantasy Landscapes are wonderful. I know I'll always feel good when I browse your site. Holly MacDonald

"I have given boxed note cards to people as gifts in the past, but they always seemed kind of a humdrum gift. These, on the contrary, are met with gasps and exclamations of 'I can't believe how beautiful they are!' " Evelyn Ostrow Aharon

"The pic and the cards came; they exceeded my expectations; thank you so much !! What lovely work and quality!" Vilma Novak

"Your package came and all I can say is the cards are magnificent, each and every one of them. You're fantastic. I can become addicted to them. " Caren Tate

"It is [www.naturesplayground.com] really wonderful!!!!!!! You've created such a distinctive look.....real and surreal combined.....Do people wonder whether they're seeing a photo and/or a drawing????
Deena Miller

"I purused your web site for quite a while. It's beautiful. I especially like the cards and the large photo images of flowers, puddles, etc. They are wonderfully playful. It is also a very handsome and user friendly web site." Ursula Ruedenberg

"Amazing! Thank you for thinking enough of me to share your work with me."JT

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