These are the first pictures from our digital camera. We await the 20 rolls of Kodak film, yet to be processed and scanned.

A View from Open-air Restaurant

Flowers on the buffet table

Back Door onto Our Patio- Louvred Door Panels open for air
Built-in Shelving on Right

Our "Four Poster" Bed

Our huge, open shower - The door is to the bathroom,
not the shower.Note the rope "door-knob."

The seating area in the shower, front left corner

Cows on the Resort's Farm provided the beef and milk used

Riders going to the Cascades

Sam (with driver) and I went to the Cascades waterfalls by Jeep.
The road was so rocky (not visible here) that I wished we were
with those on horseback (left)

Andres, our Nature Guide at Cascades Waterfalls

Largest tree in the resort's Rain Forest

Polaroid Transfer Print/Collages done in the

Painted Photograph Workshop led by Norma Brown Hill

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